Text To Audio

Add functionality to WordPress site to read blogs out loud in more than 30 languages and write blogs by speech in more than 30 languages.

There is no need to create an account it’s completely free. Just install the plugin and enjoy the whole features of the plugin.



  1. Add a play button to any post/page by shortcode.
  2. Write your post by speech from the mobile, desktop, tab, or any device.
  3. Write comment by speech on any post.
  4. Unlimited text to speech and vice versa.
  5. Add more functionality to the website for a range of users including the visually impaired and the old people.
  6. Customization of button color, width and button text.
  7. Live preview of play button during customization.
  8. Add custom CSS and custom class to the button.
  9. Change recording language to any language.
  10. Change listening language to any language.
  11. Choose a voice from more than 20 voices.
  12. Unlimited speech to text and vice versa.
  13. Customization of listening in the block editor.

3 responses to “Text To Audio”

  1. Great plugin ! Simply install and listening of articles thank you .

    How do you record an article. Visited your personal website , no answer.

    Are audio files stored in wp somewhere if so were. I’d like to reuse .

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